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New Monthly Full Moon Event With The Travelers!

A conical white and tellow beam of light sweeps over a tree at nighttime.
The Travelers send down The Healing Energies via an energetic beam of light.

I'm excited to announce a new monthly event at my home - a Full Moon Message and Healing Circle with The Travelers! The first one takes place on Tuesday, September 25th from 7:30 to 9:00 pm at my home in Narrowsburg, NY. This event is $20 pp and pre-registration and payment is required as parking space is limited.

Come experience The Healing Energies at my home, where they are first sent to Earth by The Travelers. On nights of the full moon The Travelers and The Healing Energies are very active and strong. I will be channeling a message for our group from The Travelers, participants will have the opportunity to ask The Travelers questions, and then the group will receive a healing.

My home has become a vortex where the dimensions of Earth and of The Travelers's meet. The Healing Energies are anchored there and many have described my home as feeling very peaceful. The Healing Energies are not the only inter-dimensional things that arrive at my home, but I have experienced many sightings and visitations by The Travelers in their ships and in their. what they call "consciousness containers".

If working with higher frequency cosmic energies and beings from other dimensions resonate for you, then this will be a great event for you to take part in!

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