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My Mother And Her 10 Foot Angel

Updated: Dec 23, 2020

This post is in memory of my Mother, Felisa Schufeld, who passed away on April 8th, 2020 from COVID at the age of 89.

My Mother was a very intuitive person. Oftentimes she would have prophetic dreams about a family member that would come true. She and I shared a love of communing with the Angels. She connected with the Angels through prayer and would often talk out loud to them. If a family member or friend was going through a crisis or was ill she would always ask "her Angels" to help them.

On her last visit to my home in a rural Catskills town, she told me that she heard the most beautiful music in the middle of the night. She asked me if I had put on music. I told her that I hadn't, and suddenly through my intuition, I was told that those were her Angels coming around her. I told her that and she was very happy. She admitted to me that she couldn't sleep because the country is too quiet compared to her NYC apartment. It made her a bit nervous and she was unable to sleep. That is why she knew that at 2:00 am the electric had gone out in the area. She told me that she spoke to her Angels and asked them for a sign that everything was going to be okay. I helped her put two and two together and told her that the beautiful music was her sign from them!

By the time my Mom was in her early 80's, because of Osteoporosis in her neck and spine, she had shrunk in height by a good 6 in. leaving her an even 5 ft. with a curved back. During a plant spirit healing ceremony that I took part in, I was shown that my Mother had a 10 ft. Angel who accompanied her everywhere. In my mind's eye, I saw a gigantic figure with enormous wings and a sword standing behind my tiny Mother. This Being had powerful angelic energy, was twice her size, and radiated the strength of a spiritual warrior. He held a sword that was pointing down to the ground with the ability to cut through any difficulties and negative energies. This powerful Angel had a Spiritual connection with my Mother from many lifetimes, including this one. He was here to support her in this lifetime in her role as a Light Worker.

I happily shared this vision of the 10 ft. Angel with her. Initially she was surprised and was a bit shy around the topic. Soon enough though she admitted to me that she often spoke to Archangel Michael and had always felt a special connection to him.

My Mother was a humble and giving person, thinking of others and their needs first. At times, I would have to remind her that her Angel was there to help her too. My Mother lived her last few years in a nursing home where she caught the Corona virus. As she got sicker and sicker I reminded her to connect to her Angel, and I knew he was by her side when no one in my family could be. When her time came to leave this Earth, I knew she was not leaving unaccompanied. Even though her body suffered, I was reassured that her Spirit was at peace and protected on its journey back home.

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