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Monday's Group Healing Report: 4/2/18

Dear Fellow Traveler,

This morning's healing began at 9:18 am and ended at 9:37 am.

This message is for everyone, including myself:

The purpose of healing is to bring you from an unnatural state into a natural state of being. Healing can never go against what is natural. It is like asking rain to fall upwards.

Brenda Seldin

The Healing Energies are adept at bringing us into a natural state of balance, which for me is the true definition of well-being. In our Type-A rushed, overworked, excitement junkie culture, we think that living means never having to say no to any experience. We play hard, work hard, and get sick hard. These things cannot stand in the way of what we want. If they were walls, we would just walk through them, destroying them in the process, or at least that is what we think we can do.

In reality, if we don't respect our bodies and its needs, the one thing we depend on to maneuver this world will fail us. There is no magic cure, although people attempt some pretty unmagical solutions to the problem of needing to rest the body by using drugs, ignoring their body's plea for rest and plowing ahead, and deal-making by telling their body that if it can go a little longer it will get the rest it needs sometime in the near future.

Here we have The Travelers and their wondrous healing energies. Many of you have reported to me that you are sleeping more and sleeping well, and feeling rested and rejuvenated in the morning. Others of you have said that you also feel sleepy and are sleeping more but do not feel rested or rejuvenated afterwards. Why the difference?

The persons that are feeling rested and rejuvenated feel this way because they were already taking care of themselves or just needed a boost. The persons who are tired, even after experiencing the post-healing sleep, are the ones who are running on empty. There is no boosting something that is not there to begin with. I am currently experiencing this myself. Working hard and telling myself that I'll get to rest after the next thing gets done, except the next thing always leads to another next thing.

In this state of extreme exhaustion, the only solution is to pace yourself and allow your body to catch up. The Healing Energies will not help you have an abundance of energy so you can ignore your responsibility to your body in order to keep going. This is an unnatural state of being. Once you stop, for a bit if you can, or slow down, then you will start to experience true restfulness and rejuvenation. The Healing Energies aren't a shortcut or a way to cheat and avoid the care taking you need to do for yourself. These energies work in partnership with you. Not in spite of you.

In Love and Light,

Brenda Seldin


The Travelers

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