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Monday's Group Healing Report: 3/26/18

One of the energies playing on a tree branch.

Dear Fellow Traveler,

This morning's healing journey brought me into contact with my future self. The Travelers work personally with me, and I know that if you would like them to work with you need only communicate this to them. By communication I mean send them a text. Just kidding! Seriously though, through your setting of intentions at the healings you are communicating with them. You can also mentally talk to them, especially when the healings are causing you any discomfort from their removal of your imbalanced energies. They don't have human bodies or experience of what humans go through, so please let them know if your healing experience needs to be tweaked for greater comfort.

Now back to my future self, I definitely did not imagine this scenario, because my future self came to me with almost shoulder length hair that was hanging straight down. I have curly hair and have never voluntarily straightened it. It only happened once under duress for my sister's wedding.

I think as inter-dimensional beings, The Travelers have access to and can travel the different timelines and multi-verses. Lately, I have had my ups and downs following my husband's passing 10 months ago. I think they connected me to her so I would hear, from my own mouth, that everything will turn out alright.

This experience occurred in that in-between dream-like space, where one's Spirit meets other beings of energy or Spirit. I felt as though I was speaking with a separate person. She was older and wiser from having lived her life longer than I had lived mine. I was inspired by her calm and gentle demeanor and her words of wisdom to me. She told me that this time in my life may feel like an uphill battle, but with my strength and perseverance I will create a good life for us.

If you met your future self, what would you like to or need to hear from them? It's worthwhile to think about it because with The Travelers one never knows!

In Light and Love,

Brenda Seldin


The Travelers

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