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Monday's Group Healing Report: 2/26/18

Video Clip of The Healing Energies Interacting With My Auric Field

This was taken in my side yard on the evening of 2/25/18. What looks like quickly moving snow is actually The Healing Energies. Although I could see them both on my video screen and with my naked r=eye as they were being illuminated by my camera light, to place my hand in their pathway took a little doing. Unlike falling rain that travels downwards from within our own dimension, these energies come through from their dimension into a special place that inhabits their dimension and ours. Therefore, I had to experimentally angle my hand to intersect and videotape their actions on my auric field. The auric field is the subtle energy sheath that surrounds our physical bodies. It is our body's aura that interacts with The Healing Energies and the conduit that they send their healing through to us. Watch video to see how quickly The Healing Energies move and see how my auric field becomes visible and has a reddish color to it as it interacts with The Healing Energies.

Dear Fellow Traveler,

Channeled Message From The Travelers On 2/26/18:

This human known as Brenda has experienced the effects of the energies these three months past. It has enhanced her physical health and her energy field. To dwell within The Healing Energies allows for the living being to receive continuous upgrade to their bodily structure and renews and aligns the subtle energies within and around the body. This results in the condition known as optimum health.

In Love and Light,

Brenda Seldin and

The Travelers

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