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Monday's Group Healing Report: 2/19/18

Dear Fellow Traveler,

This morning's healing went from 9:17 am to 9:33 am and was accompanied by a healing message in the form of a very galactic and beautiful imagery journey. In this imagery journey, we are coming together as a group, not solely to receive these healing energies and then go back to our separate lives, but as a group that has decided to grow and evolve together into the next phase of Humanity.

The Healing Energies showed me that we gather and enter an egg-shaped pewter-colored space vessel. It takes off, and as we travel deeper into space, the pewter-colored outer covering falls off and we find ourselves traveling through space in a transparent vessel. We are heading towards a sun that is nothing like our own. Unlike ours, this sun emits a phosphorescent white light and is surrounded by purple hued rays of light. Our ship enters into the heart of this foreign sun, which turns out to be a portal, that opens and allows us to travel through it into another universe.

The egg is a beautiful symbol of incubating and birthing new life. This new life is ours when we come together, supporting one another in this process. We "take off" and go on this journey towards healing of the body, mind and Spirit. As we journey beyond what we know we, we bravely shed those things in our life that no longer serve our highest purpose. Standing bravely and trusting in our own Spirit source, we then are able to enter the path that leads us to a higher state of Spiritual being. This next phase is so different than anything we've ever known before that we, in fact, enter new and unknown territory, but the message assures us that we are ready!

In Love and Light,

Brenda Seldin and

The Travelers

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