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Channeled Message from Stone and Lightning (Also Known as Fire)

Updated: Nov 24, 2022


Stones are wisdom keepers. They are one of the first beings from the time of Earth's creation. They hold the wisdom of Spirit and Mother Earth before the creation of Humanity. 

Stone and Fire (Lightning) are brother and sister. Stone protects Lightning -- his sister. That is why we have been taught to surround fire with stones. Fire (Lightning) is quick to act and needs help to not lose control and burn our homes and land. Stone is her big brother who is here to teach her patience and moderation.

Fire (Lightning):

Like woman, Lightning is quick,  powerful, and impetuous. When working with Fire one must understand her nature and how to work with it. To use force to control her will only create more havoc. That is why we give her sufficient room to express her nature in her timeline. When a quick surge of power is required we call upon her. Medicine people and warriors both work with her.


If a stone calls to you,  you are being asked to understand the nature of strength and protection. Patience and endurance are also important characteristics of the stone people.

If Fire (Lightning) calls to you, you are being asked to balance great power in a short amount of time. This is accompanied with the ability to balance a flux of powerful emotions,  that when allowed to get out of control, are expressed as impulsive anger and violence. Self-control is a key teaching of Fire (Lightning).

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