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Meeting Him In The Womb

Updated: Jan 1, 2020

The first time I met him was when my client messaged me via Instagram,

"Hey Brenda! Any guesses when my baby will make his arrival? LOL. I'm beyond ready and hope he is too!"

I opened up her Akashic Records, and through her Guides in The Records, I was able to connect to her son. I met his Higher Self, as a tall handsome young man in his 20s with dark hair, who spoke in a deep voice. This was him - her baby!

I described him to her and she said, "That's hilarious I literally told A.(the father) last night that the only trait I hope he doesn't get is our fathers' heights. Is there any other info he wants to share?"
He's saying, "He's going to be a lot like A. Same spirit for adventure and same independent streak. He's going to be a good kid. Really good, kind, and strong energy!"
"Thank you so much Brenda! I'm glad he has a sense of humor and will be a lot like A. I envisioned him to be so in looks and in spirit, but I love that he confirmed that."
B. had mentioned that she had been talking to him, as most mothers-to-be do with their babies She asked me to ask him if he could hear her, ".He says he hears you, but you talk too much"
"Hahahahaha, he wouldn't be the only one to think that. Awe, thank you Brenda, you're so sweet! I appreciate everything you've communicated for me tonight! Can't wait to meet him :)"

During my converataion with her son, he told me that he would be coming in 2-3 days. His mother said his due date wasn't for another 10 days. The next day she messaged me to tell me that her contractions had started up again, but time would tell if this was the real deal. After 14 hours of having contractions, her midwife confirmed that she was in labor, and on July 2nd her precious son was born. Two days after our reading!

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