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Letting The Magic In

Updated: Apr 11, 2019

Eastern White-tailed Deer in forest.
This buck's expression is much like the one in my story.

When I was meditating on a rock ledge in a large forested piece of land my husband and I owned at that time 17 years ago, I had only read books about Animal Communication, and I was one week away from taking my first Animal Communication Workshop.

Nature always deepens my meditation and I can usually go deeper within myself sitting outside than I can at home. So when I heard a loud rustle near me it took me a little bit of time to come out of that tranquil state and open my eyes. About 50 ft in front of me was a beautiful antlered male deer, a buck, looking straight at me.

Spontaneously, and with no expectations, I announced to the buck that he was safe on this land (a former hunting club) and that my only wish was to share it with him and all the Beings that resided there. This was his home. When I was done speaking the buck, who had been standing very still during my speech, slowly lowered and lifted his head three times as if he were nodding his understanding of and agreement with to what I had just said. Then he turned and slowly walked away.

We don’t know when these magical moments will occur, and if we try to prepare for them or anticipate them, we might just miss them or inadvertently direct them away from us through our ideas of how they should take place or what they should be like. The most important thing is to stay open and ready, grounded in love, and always ready to share it. Animals respond best to a calm loving energy, especially wild animals, our exuberant overzealous energies might feel frenetic and even off-putting to them. So here is an Animal Communication tip for you: be loving and be ready for the magic to enter your life, and it will!

If you are interested in booking an Animal Communication session with me please go to my store page by clicking here. Whatever help you need with your pet, whether they are sick/dying, have behavioral/emotional issues, are missing, or are in spirit, I can help you connect to them and give you the answers and help that you need to help your special fur/feathery/scaly/wooly baby!

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