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Land Blessing Ceremony Testimonial

Updated: Jul 21, 2022

Brenda Seldin came for the 2nd time at our request to do a clearing and healing on our property.

We had felt disparate energy in our bedroom and on our land. Brenda was able to identify it even before coming, although on arrival was clearer about what the energy represented. A lot of anger was being sent our way by someone close to us, manifested as a spider in our room.

Brenda was able to push the energies out with her shamanic work and us saging and using gong. It took a while, the being was tough but eventually, Brenda was able to move it off our property. It resisted for a while and was stubborn but thankfully it’s gone. The bedroom feels a lot clearer especially after I did the various rituals suggested by Brenda afterward.

I also learned from this about creating better boundaries for myself and our land that we are custodians of.

Am able to sleep better and generally the land and environment feel lighter than it has. I am truly grateful for the work Brenda has done for us and grateful she is in our lives.

We know a lot of healers and shamans, Brenda is the real thing.


Willow, NY

If you would like to inquire about having an Akashic Reading of your land/home/business or about having a Land Blessing Ceremony (which also includes your home), please contact me. I travel throughout the NY tri-state area and can also offer these services remotely. When I travel outside my areas (Sullivan County, NY/ Wayne County, PA), there is an additional fee for distance and travel expenses.

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