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Intro to Channeling Workshop

Updated: May 25, 2021

Intro to Channeling Workshop

Saturday June June 19th and Saturday June 26th

1:00 to 4:00 pm on both days

Classes will be online on Zoom

Cost of workshop: $125

As a channeler I have had the pleasure of connecting with a wide array of Spiritual Guides. My goal is to share the joy and magic of channeling! A channeled explanation from my Guides “The Travelers” who are inter- dimensional beings: “Channeling is the act of communicating with any Being of consciousness. Whether that Being is in form (animals, trees, land) or is formless (Spirit Guides, Ancestors, Loved ones, Ascended Masters, Angels). The connection is created telepathically and the channel “The Guide” is the one who makes space for that Being to express itself. A Guide may partially or completely allow the Being to inhabit their person. Channeling is an expression of innermost connection between two Beings.” In this workshop you will learn and practice the basics of channeling:

  • Learn about grounding, protection, and maintaining fluid openness to create a deep and lasting connection with your Channeling Spirit Guide.

  • Practice receiving channeled messages.

  • Solo and group channeling exercises that build on each other culminating in participants receiving messages for themselves, other participants, and in the end, for the entire group!

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