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Interesting Tidbits From The Akashic Records: Past Life Energies and Markers

I recently did an Akashic reading for a client, and some interesting past life information came up that correlated with her current life. For those of you unfamiliar with The Akashic Records, they hold all the Records of the Human Soul -- from its inception through all its past lives and into the current life.

My client wanted to know more about past lives that she had lived. In her last life, which took place during the Great Dust Bowl (1930-1936), she was a school teacher who had had gotten and survived Tuberculosis. Although she'd come through it, she was left physically in a permanently weakened state. After hearing that, my client shared with me that she is very careful about safeguarding herself from even getting a cold. Any cold she gets immediately goes straight down to her lungs and she experiences long periods of severe coughing. She told me that she had, at one point, been tested and treated successfully for Tuberculosis -- a rare condition in the US in modern times.

I was doing readings at a large fair when one another woman wanted to know about one of her past lives. I was taken back 3,000-4,000 years ago, to what is now modern Mongolia, in that life she was a dog whose job was to help her human family as they moved throughout the area hunting and gathering. On one of these hunts a bear came after them. She, as a dog, got between the bear and one of her humans and was bitten by the bear on her front left leg. Her leg was injured to the point that she was left limping and walking with some difficulty. She was no longer able to help them hunt, but because of her bravery her family took care of her for the rest of her life. When I finished sharing this message, my client raised the left sleeve of her shirt and showed me a scar on the inside of her forearm that she has had for most of her life.

We all carry past life energies or markers. In the first example, with the woman with Tuberculosis, the time difference between one life and the next is less than 100 years -- a more recent lifetime, so the energies of Tuberculosis are more prominent in this person's life. In contrast to the woman whose injury was received as a dog thousands of years ago, at this point, her past life experience has come through as a harmless mark on her skin.

Sometimes energy healing can help with a past life energy that is negatively impacting your life. It may be difficult to know that a past life energy is the root cause of a problem, but connecting to your Akashic Records is one way of finding this out. I can connect to your Guides in The Akashic Records and help you look into this, or if you are curious about your past life experiences we can look at this too.

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