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How to Work with the Energies of Portals and Vortexes Online Workshop (Jan 22-23, 2022)

Updated: Dec 18, 2021

Workshop: How to Work with the Energies of Portals and Vortexes

Dates: Saturday Jan 22, 2022

Time: 11:00 am to 3:00 pm eastern

Place: Zoom Online

Cost: $108 (10% off when registered by Jan 18th)

Portals are entryways into other worlds in other dimensions, and vortexes are points on Earth that act as location-based channels for bringing in energies. In this one day workshop we will be doing solo and group Shamanic explorations into portals and vortexes that connect to both the Earth and Galactic Realms.

Via Shamanic journeying using drumming and meditative guidance, we will be exploring places in Nature where high vibrational healing energies are brought forth, parallel Earths, the Galactic dimension of The Travelers from the Stars, and special portals abd vortexes that you are meant to connect with and utilize.

In this one day workshop we will learn:

• how to protect ourselves energetically when exploring

portals and vortexes.

• how to find and map the location of portals and vortexes in the places where we live.

• how to travel to and explore portals and vortexes.

• how we can work with these worlds and energies to learn, to heal, and to expand our Spiritual Path and psychic gifts.

- to meet other beings in these places whether they be Guides, parallel versions of you, or extraterrestrial beings.

By the end of this workshop, you will understand what portals and vortexes are on both the intellectual and experiential levels. You will also have the beginner's skills and experience to continue exploring and working with portals and vortexes.


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