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How the Energies of War Affect Our Root, Heart, and Crown Chakras with Healing Meditation

Updated: Mar 23, 2022

The invasion of Ukraine by Russia is reverberating around the world. We are all supporting the Ukrainian people in their fight to retain their independence and stop the madness that Putin has created. Our country and its allies, along with Russia, constitute a significant portion of the world’s superpowers. We are all experiencing the stress and worries of the current energetic consequences of this war and of the future path that it may take. The Root Chakra is the energy center in our body that is located closest to the Earth herself. Located at the base of our spine, this chakra when in balance, keeps our physical selves grounded and fully connected to the Earth and the material realm. Feeling fully grounded allows us to continuously receive Earth’s boundless energies of love, nurturance, and protection. At the same time, it is here on Earth that the war is being waged. It is normal for people to have a sense of desiring to escape and disconnect from where it is all happening. We then become ungrounded and we may feel slightly discombobulated to completely disembodied and floating outside of ourselves. It is an act of energetic disengagement from this place at this time, and may even include, disengagement to the material realm in general. Here the material realm refers to everything in our daily lives: our home life, our jobs, our relationships. We may lose interest in it all. The Heart Chakra is the energy center located in the middle of our sternum, the vertical bone in our chest. When in balance it allows us to receive and accept love from others and send love to others. The energies of war can be one of the causes of imbalance in our Hearts. Out of fear, we may partially or completely, close off our Heart Chakra, disconnecting us from everyone around us. We have our own fears and sufferings and may feel unable to experience/hold empathetic space for someone else’s alongside our own. When the suffering is extended worldwide, we may feel overwhelmed and choose to only remain open to those closest to us (friends and family), or only to those that share our national culture, values, and religion. We may also completely shut our Heart Chakra down. Disengaging from others because of fears and worries isolates us and keeps us from receiving the energies of strength and community that loving one another offers us. The Crown Chakra is the energy center in our body that is located closest to the Heavenly Realm. Situated in the middle of the top part of our head, when in balance it allows us to receive the energies from Spirit. These energies may include messages from our Guides, healing energies, and connections to our Higher Selves and our Ancestors. Our Crown Chakra keeps us connected to the Heavenly Realm. While the Earth holds, nourishes, and protects our bodies, the Heavenly Realm holds, nourishes, and protects our Spirit. This is where we receive messages, protection, and healings from our Spirit Guides and Ancestors. When we are partially or fully disconnected from Spirit, we isolate and cut off our Soul from receiving the love, nurturance, and protection that is always available to us. To summarize, the energies of War may affect the degree to which these three chakras keep us connected to the Earth, to one another, and to the Heavenly Realm. When we heal and balance these chakras, we not only become stronger for ourselves; but for one another as well. As each of us becomes fully connected to the Earth below and the Heavens above, we bring in these higher energies into our lives and into this world. If we proceed to regain our connection to one another, the energies that we bring in from the Heavens and Earth are then shared, via our Hearts, and have the capacity to meld together as one larger energy circling the Earth, carrying and amplifying our Heart-held intentions for the energies of peace and love to take root at this time!

I created this audio meditation that I call "Reconnection Meditation". Listening to it will help you reconnect, heal, and balance your Root, Heart, and Crown Chakras. Part of this meditation's higher purpose is to help each one of us be a transmitter for the energies of peace and love. all together we can create an energetic shift in the world and help bring an end to the suffering and war in the world.

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