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How Energy Healing Can Help You On Your Path To Deep Healing(A Five Part Series)

Part I “Unpacking”

The first step on a person’s path to deep healing may be one of the hardest for some. It involves what I call “the process of unpacking”. When I say “unpacking” I am referring to the process of bringing to light the energy dynamics (fear, anger, pain) that brought the person to that state of imbalance and suffering.

I believe that we can never know completely all those things that have gotten us to the state of mental/emotional/physical/Spiritual dis-ease, where we experience an acute or chronic crisis on one or more levels. To truly be able to see all the causations of our pain and to acknowledge them means that they no longer have a hold on us, allowing us to reach a state of complete healing.

Why can’t we see our true state of being in all its imperfection? The causes are many and include: pain, fear, anger, denial, trauma, co-dependency, lack of belief in self, and many more. These energies keep us locked in our imbalance. By bringing them out of the shadows and shining the light on them we can begin to work with them and transmute them with the help of Spirit, our Spirit Guides, and the healing energies.

Next week in Part II “Spiritual Causes of Dis-ease: Ancestral Energies, Past Lives, and Karma”

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