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House Blessing Testimonial

Updated: Apr 12, 2019

Pair of hands cupping a burning smudge sticks.
Sage is a powerful plant spirit medicine who works to clear our selves and our spaces of imbalanced or negative energy.
Brenda’s house cleansing released me from the emotional baggage I’ve been carrying for 5 years since the sudden passing of my husband. While I knew I needed to “move on,” it wasn’t until a reading that set the stage for the cleansing that allowed me to actually embrace that it was time and OK to enter the next stage of my life. Brenda’s perception was spot on. Her compassion was there throughout the cleansing, sometimes with a gently nudge to get me to accept and agree. The house feels happy now. So much lighter and brighter. There is still work to be done, but I am able to happily move toward the next chapter with Brenda’s guidance. I have sung Brenda’s praises to friends and family. She is special. If you need a blessing, a cleansing or a reading, contact her. You will be supported and energized.

Karen Harris

Westbrookville, NY

Please contact me if you are interested in having your own Shamanic House Blessing Ceremony. We call it a House Blessing, but this ceremony can be used to clear old, stagnant, negative energies and bring in nurturing, positive energies of growth and new beginnings for you in your home, business, and land. I travel within the tri-state NY area. Please call me at 845-588-2023 or email me at

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