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Healing With The Higher Frequencies

The Healing Energies as seen from above.

Healing with high frequency energies is different than other forms of healing. The Healing Energies act as catalysts to shift the energies at all levels of your person at the same time. Sometimes the healing shifts can be subtle and sometimes they can be intense.

Working with these energies since October of 2017, I have my theories of how they work on us. The three levels, Spiritual, mental/emotional and physical, are worked upon at the same time. The energies enter us and course throughout our different energy bodies removing and dissolving blocks, pushing out energies of imbalance, and bringing in energies of healing and growth.

In my case, I not only facilitate these energies, bringing them in and sending them out to those that ask for their help, but I also live with them. They are anchored into my home and my land. For the first 6 months, whenever I worked with them for longer periods through healing work or even spending a few hours sorting through the photographs and videos of them, I would become very sleepy and have to slap my face to stay awake in front of my computer screen when organizing my Energies documentation! Initially, during the healings, I would go into a deep hypnotic-like state -- in a state of sleep but fully conscious.

Apart from the tiredness and sleepiness that I experienced, I also experienced a constant sensation of inner trembling/shaking/rumbling vibrations throughout my whole body. Whether I was sitting, walking, or lying down to go to sleep it felt as though I was on a subway platform feeling the rumbling vibrations in my body of the trains passing through. This still happens to me periodically.

Another sensation was from the input of the higher energies and it made me feel like I was jittery and caffeinated, There was a sense of energy rising quickly and strongly and made me feel nauseous at times. I also experienced the sensations of things running up and down my body along my nerve paths.

Everything that I have just described is part of the recalibration of the body by The Healing Energies. Other people may experience some or all of these things in varying degrees. After the first six months, everything started to settle down. Throughout this initiatory process I felt more energized, more positive, and overall happier. The Healing Energies are of very high frequency and have been created by beings, The Travelers, who exist in energy form. As 3-Dimensional beings who exist in physical form, our vibrational energies are denser and slower, and it takes time for our bodies to adjust to these higher healing energies.

Once our bodies become accustomed to the higher frequency energies, the energies work to align and streamline the different energy bodies to work in unison at a more efficient level, There is no cherry-picking of symptoms. Over time these energies heal and equalize all the energies in the body. It is like experiencing a rebirth, like a snake shedding its skin and receiving its new body.

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