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Healing Through Channeled Drawing: The Angelic Energies

Sunday, June 30th

10:00 am to 1:00 pm

Narrowsburg, NY///$35 pp

Every participant will receive a sketch book. Colored pencils and gel markers will be available. You may also bring your own art supplies. No previous art experience needed.

Channeling is the ability to directly experience and transmit the spiritual energies of the Universe. Channeling these energies through art gives us the means to both understand and heal oneself through the process of drawing. The drawing acts as a nexus between ourselves and the Spirit world anchoring in the healing frequencies to create a living healing piece of artwork.

At future sessions we will be working with different Spirit Helpers and channeling their healing frequencies into our drawings. On June 30th we will be working with the Angelic Realm. At future events we will be working with the Plant Spirits, the Animal Spirits, the Star Beings, and more.

We will start by discussing what healing energy is, about the healing frequencies of the Angels, and how we can work with them to heal through the process of drawing. After that we will be setting intentions for the issue or situation we would like to receive insight on and receive help with. Then I will be leading everyone in a group meditation Shamanic journey to connect us to the energies of the Archangels and Angels, and we will use that time to allow the expression of those energies to come through our hands onto the paper. At the end, we will share and discuss our drawings.

To register for this event click here.

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