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Healing Ancestral Energies (Part 2 of 5)

Colorful tree in bubble on a beautiful island surrounded by people on one side of it.
The ancestral tree connects us to past ancestors and future descendents. Healing work in the now for our well-being travels through the tree to heal the ancestors and the descends as well!

Finding the underlying cause for your problems may mean looking beyond this lifetime and going back into your ancestral spiritual roots. We know that diseases like cancer, alcoholism, and cystic fibrosis are passed down through the maternal or paternal lines, but hereditary disease is not just physical in nature, it also has a spiritual aspect. Hereditary spiritual diseases include things like fears, anger, inherited trauma, lack of confidence, disconnection, and so forth. These spiritual diseases are like perpetual motion machines that keep on moving from one generation to the next unless they get stopped through direct healing of the individual(s) affected and the family tree.

Through Shamanic Healing work I help clients work with their Spirits and the Spirits of their Ancestors to heal the spiritual diseases that they have inherited from their ancestral line. This type of healing ceremonial work is done with the support of the Spirit Allies and Guardians who who help me to lead my clients to the place in the non-physical world where healing can take place. For one client that place was the springhouse on her family land, where she had the ability to offer healing to people in her family who were wounded, and in turn heal the wounding within herself that she inherited via the family line. Another client was able to cut through and release an enormous attachment to an old persona that no longer served his highest good nor was an actual representation of who he was. The attachment to this limiting expression of himself came in the form of a large anchor and cable at the bottom of the sea. He described it as an anchor for a large navy ship or cruise ship, and he was able to cut it and dislodge its hold on him.

In my family the women on my mother's side of the family are very nervous and high strung. They can also be controlling. I've noticed some of these things in myself. Healing and releasing these negative energy patterns not only helps me, but those healing energies also travel through me to the family tree healing those in the present, those in the past, and those coming in the future.

To see how Shamanic Healing can help you please contact me here.

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