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Free Channeled Message & Healing Event W/The Travelers On-Line Zoom Event

Join Zoom Meeting link:

Join me on Monday Sept 30th at 7:00 pm to 7:30 pm (Eastern) on Zoom videoconferencing as i channel a message and healing energies from The Travelers. During the first 20 min of this event I will be channeling a message from The Travelers, and during the last 10 min I will be transmitting The Healing Energies.

The Travelers are extraterrestrial beings that first made contact with me in 2013. Their purpose is to bring healing to our planet through their messages and advanced healing technologies they call The Healing Energies.

The Travelers are inter-dimensional beings that are no longer dependent on a physical body form, instead they exist as energy beings. Since 2017, The Travelers in addition to communicating with me, have also shown themselves, their energies, and their lightships on many of my photographs and videos. These can be found throughout my website and on my online blog (T.H.E. Blog) at my website:

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