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Experiencing Different Dimensions

The Travelers and The Healing Energies exist here, at my home, in an energy field where their dimension intersects with ours. When The Travelers and the energies don't appear in the photographs, I am still able to see where the inter-dimensional energy fields are located via the effects on the appearance of the environment and/or the subjects in them.

In the first photograph, on the left, my dog Pumpkin is walking through through my yard. You can clearly see the vegetation, the picket fence in the back, and the big yellow dog ball. Then you look at Pumpkin and you see how blurry his head is. What stands out as well are his eyes which look like two elongated cylindrical tubes of white energy light.

In the second photograph, on the right, once again Pumpkin can be seen walking. This time he is on my driveway in front of the house. In this photo it is almost the inverse of the first one. In this one, the leaf-covered ground, the pillars holding up the front porch, the plant pots all look blurred, stretched, and the ground looks like it's spinning in a circular motion. Pumpkin is much less blurry than the environment around him, although there are these stretched out motion blurs around his legs.

Over the last 18 months of experiencing this inter-dimensional phenomena, I have put together some general observations about the nature of these fields. The inter-dimensional fields can shift in size and concentration. They can cover an area that can be large or small. They can be concentrated in a certain spot or even at a certain height. In photographs I can see the effects of the fields on an area or an animal, or even by where I have to aim my phone camera to take photos of the energies. In some photographs, the area is affected by the energy field while the subject of the photo may not be and vice versa. In photographs that I have taken from my second story window, I will see the energies and photograph them sometimes closer to the bottom of the windowsill and at other times at a point higher up or somewhere in between. I can feel different points of conjunction of these dimensional fields. They do not exist in linear form. When not covering a large area, they often act like scattered points to be found by accident or by intuitive/psychic feel.

When I am in the energy field I feel the energies running through different parts of my body. One important area is my hair. It's almost as if each hair follicle is an antenna that follows the signal to catch it and transmit it to me. As can be seen in my photograph, my hair is standing up and stretched out ninety degrees from my scalp, and the there is even a separation of the tufts of curls one from another. During these times I get a tingly, electrical, itchy sensation on my head. I can actually feel my hair floating upwards at these times. It feels lighter weight than the other side of my head! I know that I am receiving the more stronger and concentrated energies when this is happening.

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