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Ella's Singing Organs

Updated: Jan 24, 2022

This is Ella, my client's cat, I have been working with her for the last month to see whether the new holistic regimen she is on has been helping heal her Inflammatory Bowel Disease.

In addition to communicating directly with her, I also have the ability to energetically scan her body and see for myself what is going on inside of her.

I could see that her stomach was a pit of roiling gastric juices in a stomach whose lining was so inflamed that it appeared reddish black to me. Problems with these areas were already known to my client via her vet, but I also picked up on Ella's liver being energetically overworked and stressed. I saw it in my mind's eye. It had a dingy flat gray color to it. Lastly, her intestines looked swollen and were shown to me as being filled with a yellow gunk. Its normal function had become very slow.

My client and I have been doing a weekly call to gauge how Ella is doing, Each week we see improvement. On today's call with my client, Ella's organs sang! Her stomach, instead of looking like the pits of hell, had a wonderful normal color and was shown to me as a cartoon character giggling and laughing with a sweet musical tone. Her liver was glowing with life and singing opera. Like Pavarotti, it had a deep tenor's voice! Lastly, her intestines looked nice and normal-sized, all clear on the inside, and were singing as well! Inside my head, I heard the lyrics from a late 90's song called "C'mon and Ride It (The Train)" by Quad City DJs, "Come on, ride the train, choo, choo. It's the choo, choo train" as the intestines were doing the caterpillar dance!

As an Animal Communicator using my medical intuitive skills, I have learned that the body will appear me to me in a myriad of ways that reflect my own intuitive set of symbols as a meanings.

Ella's cartoon-like singing organs not only reflects a big healing for her organs, but are also reflecting how she is doing. She started out being lethargic, sleeping a lot, throwing up, eating very little, and pooping very irregularly. Now Ella is dancing to her singing organs because she has become a lively, mischievous little imp who gives her loving human a workout running around the house during her medicine time!

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