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Crystal Grid Painting Workshop

Updated: Mar 14

Crystal Grid Painting

Saturday, April 29th/$130 pp

11:00 am to 2:00 pm

with Maya Malioutina

Space is limited.

Workshop is in Narrowsburg, NY. Address given upon registration.

Join Maya as we create our own small Crystal Grid Painting using paints and crystals! Using your own energy and intention, each student will paint and create their own grid and take home a small painting and easel.

The energy of the crystals, the geometric pattern, and your intention all work as one energy towards a common goal. The grids assist your energetic body/space in tuning your vibrational frequency to allow that which is your intention to physically manifest. When you are in vibrational alignment with your desires and intentions, deep healing & manifestation occurs!

Directions for using your grid: ➢  Activate your grid by stating and feeling the intentions of your affirmation, allowing your frequency and your grid’s frequency to align. ➢  Find a sacred space to place your grid and place any objects or names near your grid that you would like to charge with sacred crystal vibrational energy. ➢ Take care of your grid with love and enjoy the alignment with your intentions.

No previous experience necessary. All materials will be provided.

This workshop is open to everyone. No previous experience is necessary. All materials will be provided. Please bring a light snack.

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