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Co-Creating W/The Plant Spirits Workshop

Co-Creating With The Plant Spirits –

With Channeler Brenda Seldin

Saturday August 17, 2019 /// 11:00 am to 3:00 pm

Willow, NY (address will be given upon registration) ///

$75.00 per person.

The Plant Spirits say that it is time for them to speak and for Humanity to listen. In this special workshop we will have the privilege of receiving insight, guidance, and healing directly from the Plant Spirits themselves.

We who have chosen to incarnate at this time have taken on the responsibility of helping to reintegrate Humanity back into Mother Earth’s Community of Children. Learning to live in respect and mutual interdependence with our Brothers and Sisters in the natural world is the path we must now take.

In this workshop we will learn and practice the skills of deep listening. When we quiet our minds and bodies we will be able to commune with the Plant Spirits and hear their messages of wisdom. These are the teachings that will help us heal the imbalances we Humans have created, as we once again, learn to co-exist with all the inhabitants of Mother Earth.

Register for workshop here.

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