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Bring In 2020 With A Special Akashic Reading And Healing!

Now through January 31st, get a 30 minute Akashic Reading followed by  a 15 minute healing for $75. This package normally retails for $100.

The energies of 2019 challenged us to bring to light, and purify, our shadow side.  2020 will be building on the work we've done by offering us the energies to experience great accelerated growth. We are asked to use these energies to do thet work that will place us closer on the path to becoming our highest Spiritual Self. In this reading I will channel your Guides in The Akashic Records. They will share with you what the energies of 2020 hold for you and what areas of your life will be focused upon and assisted to grow.  At the end, the 15 minute healing with the Healers of The Akashic Records will release old energies and align the energy bodies to create a smooth transition into 2020. [To book your session click here.]

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