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Animal Communication Sessions: Our Pets As Spirit Messengers

Spirit Messengers come in all different shapes and forms. Animals are one of Spirit's best teachers. They come to teach us through love and companionship. Without using words they reflect back to us what what we need to learn in this life.

They reflect back to us kindness and love when we're feeling lonely and unloved, by showering us with affection and not leaving our side, to remind us that we are worthy of being loved. When we lack confidence and are shy about speaking up, we may realize that the cat that demands our attention, refuses to get her nails trimmed, and stalks us until we give her treats, is actually

teaching us to be strong and confident about expressing our needs and wants.

Some people may need to see, not who they can be, but who they are.. A stubborn person may have a dog that is impossibly stubborn. A dog who will just sit his butt on the pavement and refuse to move! A dog who can't be bribed or bullied! The person who lives with this dog may be imbalanced in their degree of stubbornness - do they refuse to compromise and end up torpedoing important relationships? Do they they refuse to see something about themselves and thus limiting their growth potential for self-development?

In a an Animal Communication session a good question to ask your pet, that is not just interesting, but valuable is, "Why did you come into my life? What did you come here to teach me?" Pet parents call me when they want to help their pets, but what they don't realize is that their pet can help them! To schedule an Animal Communication session click here.

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