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Animal Communication Sessions: Energy Healing Helps Ruby The Senior Dog

Ruby is a 13 year old sweetheart whose family called me out of concern for her health. She was on steroids and a second antibiotic to help her, with what the vet thought was,

pneumonia or emphysema. Her breathing sounded like snoring, she had lost weight, was lying down, and not moving very much. She also had a moment that scared her family who thought she was going to pass.

When I do Animal Communication dealing with a pet's health I do two things: I ask the pet to tell me in their own words how they are feeling, and I also do an energy scan of their bodies to see what is going on in their bodies for myself.

Doing the energy scan first, I was shown her lungs as looking inflamed, congested, and one was shown to me as having decreased function. When I spoke to Ruby she told me that she was laying down all the time because breathing was hard for her and her chest hurt when she stood. She showed me that the the dry warm air from the woodstove bothered her as did the cold humidifier that they placed by her. When I asked her about her food, she showed me that the food bothered her because it was at room temperature and was cool. Having the respiratory issues she did, the temperature of the food and drinking water affected her ability to comfortably swallow her food.

What came through the session to help her was the following: place pans of water on the woodstove to make the heat warm and humid, switch out the humidifier for one that gives off warm steam, give her warm broth with pieces of chicken and place warm water in her drinking bowl. Ruby told me that she knew she could get better. Her Spirit, I could tell, was strong and she was not ready to move on. I was so moved by this sweet girl, who had been found by a member of the family, roaming, skinny, dirty, and looking like she had given birth recently. They looked for her litter, but most likely she had been used for her babies and then abandoned.

I offered to send her energy healing in the hope that it would help her to some small degree. After the healing I sent my client the following message, "Hi Susan - I sent Ruby healing tonight. I was shown the energy she was receiving as though it was in the shape of an open book and she was lying in the middle of it. The shining energy was moving up and around her chest on both sides of her. It was clearing her lungs."

The next day I was very surprised to get a message from my client and the video located at the top of this article. She said, "Brenda -- look at her today! This is remarkable!" And it gloriously was!

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