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Animal Communication Corner

Updated: Jun 20, 2018

Brown and white boxer-bull terrier mix.
Helping Ajax feel as comfortable as possible.

When Ajax's Mommy called me, she wanted me to communicate with her boy to see how he was feeling and what would help keep him comfortable. Unfortunately, Ajax was diagnosed with a cancerous tumor in his left paw. As human beings, we can only imagine or surmise how our animals are feeling based on how they are acting: limping, not eating, whining, etc. Working with someone like myself, an Animal Communicator, one is given the opportunity to hear directly from their pet, and in addition, I can scan an animal's energy body and tell you what is physically going on and how it feels because I can experience their physical sensations via my own body (pain, exhaustion, hunger).

Here are some things that I have learned over the years from communicating with pets dealing with illness or injury:

~ depending on what is wrong, the temperature of a pet's drinking water becomes important, a pet with cancer will often request water that is warmer. We imagine that water that sits in a bowl on the floor is at room temperature, when in fact, it is actually colder than that after sitting some time on the ground. In this case, I tell the person to periodically add some warm water and offer it to their pet. Additionally, place bowls of water around the house as a sick or injured animal may not have the strength or be in too much discomfort to make their way to the water bowl in the same or in another room. Conversely, I've found that animals that have body pains from injuries or arthritis often ask for water that is cool to cold because the pain causes them to heat up and sweat as it often does in people.

~ on the topic of food and sick animals, again depending on their specific condition, a pet may know what food will help them. With one of my clients, whose dog had multiple health issues, including Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Due to this condition, along with kidney, liver, food allergy issues, his family found it hard to find food that he liked and wouldn't make him sick. Surprisingly enough, he told me to tell his family to feed him white fish at those times of finickiness due to physical discomfort. It turns out that, often, that would be his go to food to get him through those difficult eating times. There are times that a pet won't be able to or have the appetite to eat. That is when an Animal Communication session has to involve a discussion about a pet's last wishes and whether they want to stay on till the end or get help moving on from this life.

~ in regards to body pain, pets can share their discomfort about pain that is not even evident to us, such as pain from a headache. Being made aware of a pet's headache may explain their lethargy and give us the opportunity to offer them some relief. Arthritic pets often request softer beds or egg carton shaped foam mattresses to better cushion their bodies, or they will ask for heat which can be given in the form of a heating blanket or hot water bottle. Some will ask for cold to be applied instead. I have had animals ask for specific treatments such as Chinese herbs, acupressure, or acupuncture having never had it before. Many times their person, following through on their request, go on to discover that the specific therapy is exactly what was needed!

Ajax's Mom is working with a holistic veterinarian. She periodically calls me to have me check in with Ajax to see how he is feeling and if he is experiencing any pain. The information that I've shared with her she has taken to her vet and his pain medication gets adjusted accordingly to keep him as comfortable as possible for as long as possible. Ajax has also let his Mom know that she needed to make the house, located in the south-western part of the US, cooler to keep him comfortable, and that vanilla ice cream would help him take his medicine better. He had never been given ice cream but he gets it now with his medicine placed within it. He's happy to be kept comfortable and alive, but he has already told us that he's also ready to go when the medications stop working.

In the end, our pets as members of the animal kingdom, have gentle wisdom Souls. They ask that they be cared for with the utmost love but do not expect specific outcomes. There is no "getting it right", " not doing enough", "too late", or "failing them", especially when everything that you did was with love. For them it's "quality of life over quantity of life" as it should be with all our loved ones!


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