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Akashic Records Deep Dive: What Does It Mean to Feel Stuck?

Updated: May 5

Akashic Records Deep Dive: What Does it Mean to Feel Stuck?

“I feel stuck.”

“I don’t know what I’m supposed to do with my life.”

“Why can’t I make this happen (career, love life, finances)?”

These are the phrases clients will often use when they come to me for an Akashic Reading.

Let’s do an “Akashic Records Deep Dive” to examine what it means, on the Soul level, when we feel stuck in our lives by asking the Masters of The Akashic Records.

What does it mean to feel stuck?

According to the Masters of the Akashic Records:

“The essence of “feeling stuck” is a pivotal point in the life path of a person. It is a period of constrained movement. The choices open to one range from limited to severely limited. The person encounters wall after wall when certain paths are taken, while the right path leads them to a place of limitless horizons.

This person has repeatedly chosen to ignore their divine potential by making life path decisions based on ego -- stemming from greed, pride, and fear. Stubbornly repeating these pathway decisions manifests undesirable results which lead to the creation of karmic walls. These walls block all other paths but the one that will lead the person to their righteous [divine] path.

Feeling stuck on the Soul level is that point where all other paths are blocked by karmic walls and only the true path for the Soul’s spiritual evolution remains. Rejecting this true path from anger, fear, doubt, greed, or pride results in a life of no movement or thwarted movement.

Understanding these teachings:

Feeling stuck is a form of denying the wisdom of our own experiences and the support of the Universe. Whether it's from fear of change, a feeling of unworthiness, a desire for a different outcome, or a desire for a specific outcome; sometimes we try every path except the one that will take us on our true path to happiness.

The true path is the path that is most energetically aligned with our higher purpose and happiness. When we find ourselves feeling angry, frustrated, or despairing, when we experience regular setbacks or blocks, then Spirit closes off those paths that do not suit us eventually leaving only the path that does.

How to get unstuck?

At the Soul level, we’ve always known what we need. To feel unstuck, we must stop and take a step back to really give ourselves the chance to understand where we are and how we got there.

We can ask Spirit for guidance or a sign as to how to proceed, and we can listen to our inner voice--that part of ourselves that is connected to our Higher Self and is always trying to lead us towards our true path. Our Higher Self is always speaking to us, even if we choose not to listen or are afraid to. Feeling stuck is a form of re-direction by the Universe. When we acknowledge and honor this period of stillness in our life, we are offered the opportunity to begin to move again on a better path.

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