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Accessing The Akashic Records Workshop

Updated: Feb 8, 2020

Accessing The Akashic Records 

with Channeler Brenda Seldin

Sunday February 23rd 10:30 am to 4:30 pm

At: In Harmony Yoga

137 Remsen Street Cohoes, NY 12047

early bird $110 (thru 2/16)/regular price $125

"The energy field known as the Akasha holds the accumulated experiential knowledge

of all the past lives of every Soul. The Akashic Records has been likened to a

Hall of Records. We are permitted access for the purpose of gaining understanding

and insight into the circumstances of our current life by being able to view

the details of our Soul’s journey from its inception through its many lifetimes

into the present lifetime.”

~~As channeled to Brenda Seldin by The Masters of The Akashic


The Akashic Records embody the whole of the Universe. Everyone and everything in it exists in multi-dimensional levels. In the absence of the construct of linear time (past, present, and future), we are able to transcend this human idea and dive into the endless possibilities that

exist in The Records.

Working in your Akashic Records you can explore your past lives, future lives, alternate current life paths, and connect to the different versions of yourself that exist concurrently on the different dimensional earths. Beyond this, one can explore one’s highest Spiritual Path, Karmic consequences, Ancestral Energies, Soul Contracts, Soul Groups, and more!

In this workshop you will learn to access The Akashic Records via the Merkaba Energy Field. You will be attuned to The Energies of The Akashic Records and connect to the Masters, Teachers, and Healers of The Records.

[Register here for workshop.]

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