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About My First Plant Communication Workshop

Four women searing on a porch holding up their drawings of plants.
I had my students ask the Plant Spirits what they would look like if they were plants in a garden.

Last Sunday I taught my first Plant Communication Workshop! Many thanks to Kristy, Susy, Marise, and Gudrun for coming along on this adventure with me into the Plant Spirit Realm! My goal was to make everyone feel comfortable connecting and communicating with the Plant Spirits.

The first exercise involved the students walking around the garden and seeing which flower they were drawn to. They then asked the flower to show them what they would look like if they were fellow plant beings living in a garden. As you can see in the group photo above, each person received their own unique answer. What was wonderful about this exercise is how clearly and beautifully each person's uniqueness was reflected back to them by the Plant Spirits. Throughout the remainder of the day, there were many more opportunities for everyone to connect and learn directly from the Plant Spirits. By the end of the workshop, everyone walked away having had fun and feeling comfortable with their newfound abilities to communicate with the Plant Spirits!

This Saturday, July 21st, I will be offering my Plant Communication Workshop once again in Moscow, PA. There is still room to join. Please follow this link for more information and to register: Plant Communication Workshop.

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