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A Client Works With A Past Life To Heal A Chronic Health Issue

Updated: Dec 19, 2019

Testimonial From E.F. of Albany, NY

Several years ago, I literally woke up one morning while on vacation with lower back pain and difficulty walking.
After returning home, I was told by a physician that it was an inflamed nerve and I was prescribed steroids. Another flare up followed and over the course of 18 months, it became increasingly worse. I had x-rays, bloodwork, MRIs, the works. I saw physical therapists, chiropractors, spinal surgeons, massage therapists, and pain management specialists. Took anti-inflammatories, more steroids, ate an anti-inflammatory diet, had spinal and sacroiliac injections, changed shoes, wore orthotics, used hypnosis, took supplements and more.
Everyone verified that there was a problem but nothing that they did brought relief for long.
After hearing Brenda give a presentation at Spirit Tree Connections in Latham, NY, I decided to book a consultation with her. By then, I had abandoned all other avenues of treatment.
With the help of her guides, Brenda was able to pinpoint that the root of the problem was based in a past life injury that had somehow been triggered by current life events. In a past life, as a medieval washer woman named Henne, I developed a debilitating low-back and hip condition that I carried over life times. Brenda determined that instead of fighting against the injury, I needed to work with Henne through visualization and meditation to help her let go and move into a better life.
It took several months but slowly the pain lessened and my mobility increased. Over the past year, I have taken up walking a couple of miles per day, and have returned to all of my favorite activities. Occasionally, I still get twinges but I know from Brenda’s teaching to work with them rather than against them.
I am grateful to Brenda for her guidance.

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