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A Client Receives Healing From The Travelers In The Dreamtime

Night time, picket fence around yeard, and a shaft of energy is traveling over and parallel to the fence carrying pink, light blue, yellow, and purple colored healing orbs.
From my client's dream, I now know that these multi-colored orbs are healing energies sent here by The Travelers.

Dear Fellow Traveler,

Sometimes messages from The Travelers come to me from the people I help with The Healing Energies. As I have mentioned in the past, once you invite The Travelers to send The Healing Energies to you, you stay connected and can call in the energies yourself whenever you need them. Clients have started to have their own experiences with The Travelers outside of the healings (long-distance and/or in person) that I do with them. One of my clients has shared a dream that she had of The Travelers. Upon reading it you too will realize that this dream was an actual experience with The Travelers and a healing, and beyond that, it was also a way The Travelers could pass information on to me to explain the phenomena of the shaft of light energy containing multi-colored bright orbs within it as shown in the above photograph.
Good morning! I keep meaning to message you. Had to share this interesting dream experience I had overnight Wednesday to Thursday. I fell asleep asking The Travelers for healing energy.
My dream was this: I was in a banquet hall type event with very dim lights and lots of colored orbs floating around. Then some tall lanky man got up with something in his hand shouting “All these lights are energy and they are here to help you. Who wants to be healed?!!” He was right next to me so I raised my hand. I was laying down almost floating in the middle of my body but supported at my feet & head till someone else helped with my mid-body because I remember thinking I need to not sag my body. I also remember feeling the energy and was aware of others in the room and how they were jealous they didn’t get picked. I let it all go and felt colored light all around me kind of like a chakra thing. I woke up so refreshed & relaxed. I planned a beach day. I checked the weather in CT and it was the most perfect, pretty day. Now isn’t that cool?????? What a dream!

After we finished chatting about her dream, she messaged me one more time to say:

I just got a strong message to tell you how bright and colorful all the energy orb lights were in my dream.
It's been a few months now since these shafts of energy carrying brightly colored orbs have started to make their appearance in my photographs. The one I am showing here is filled with yellow, light blue, pink, and purple orbs. Truly a wonderous sight to behold, and to also know that these are some of the healing tools sent to help us is amazing!For a time I thought these multi-colored orbs were The Travelers, but my client's information from her interaction with The Travelers makes it clear that these are some of the healing tools. Anyone reading this who has also experienced a direct interaction with The Travelers and would like to share it with me I am very happy and eager to hear about it!In Light and Love,Brenda Seldin andThe Travelers
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