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25% Off Special Akashic Overview Reading For 2019! What Does 2019 Hold For You - An Overview.

Updated: Jan 7, 2019

As a thank you to all my clients, I am offering a 45 minute Akashic Reading at 25% off! Due to the popularity of this reading, I am extending this sale for another 7 days through Sunday, January 13, 2019!

Working with your Guides in The Akashic Records, get an overview of the energies that will have the strongest influence for you in 2019.

•What is coming in to help?

•What will be your challenges?

•What Spirit Helpers are available to you to guide and support you? Find out the best course of action to take for things you want to manifest.

✷✷This reading is normally valued at $112.50 and is now being offered for $84.38 through Sunday January 13, 2019.✷✷

Book Your 2019 Akashic Reading Here

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