Personal Healing Sessions

Empathy Is Not A Disease!

Empathy Is Not A Disease!

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Video demonstrates the interaction between the The Healing Energies and the natural field of energy around my own hand. This field of energy is also known as the aura.

For some people, their healing needs are met through their participation in the long-distance group healings.  For others, they are called to periodically or solely experience The Healing Energies through personal sessions with me. I do know that regardless which manner you choose to partake of The Healing Energies, they will work on you. The need for an individual session or sessions is completely up to you.


If you would like to experience an individual healing session with me, please note that session lengths come in fifteen or thirty minute blocks only. These sessions may be taken alone or may be combined with an Akashic reading or an Animal Communication session. Healing sessions may be experienced at my home in Narrowsburg, NY, at your home (within Sullivan County, NY or Wayne County, PA or by additional fee), or by phone or video conferencing.

Fifteen minute sessions are $25.00 each and thirty minute sessions are $50.00 each. Much like with the long-distance group healings, a healing message or meditation mantra will be provided to you by The Travelers after each healing session. Special discounted price is offered when buying a package of three sessions. Sessions may be used at any time and never expire. Three fifteen minute sessions are normally $75.00, with special package price are $60.00. Three thirty minute sessions are normally $150.00, with special package price are $120.00.

Contact me about having a group healing or individual sessions for a group of people at your home.

15 Minute Healing Session for $25.00

Package Of Three 15 minute Healing Sessions For $60.00

30 Minute Healing Session for $50.00

Package Of Three 30 Minute Healing Sessions For $120.00