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The Healing Energies are advanced healing technologies, given to me to share, by inter-dimensional Beings known as The Travelers. In November of 2017, they revealed to me that The Healing Energies are advanced energy tools for the healing and betterment of Humanity and our planet.

Every photograph on this site is unedited and videos are only edited for length. Both photographs and videos depict The Healing Energies as they actually appear. All have been taken by me on my Samsung Android phone. These energies appear in and around my home in Narrowsburg, NY. More of these photographs and videos can be seen along with channelings from The Travelers in T.H.E. Blog.

As a facilitator for these energies, I welcome you to the Healing Energies site. I invite you to take part in these healings. I believe that it is important to provide healing to all that are called to work with The Healing Energies. I am able to offer that via weekly long distance group healings. By signing up for the healings one has access to all the healings available each week. Please see the Calendar to get the healing schedule. Donations are welcomed to support and expand these services and keep them available to all. For those who are called to work one on one with The Healing Energies personal healing sessions are also available.

My journey with Spirit began almost 25 years ago working with wildlife as a wildlife rehabilitator and using my intuitive skills to heal and release animals back into the wild. In 2004 I became an Animal Communicator, and using Animal Communication I continue to help people with their pets. In 2013, my cosmic world expanded further as I was led to work in The Akashic Records by my Guides. Helping people through Akashic Readings has given me great joy, and spending time in The Akashic Field is what allowed The Travelers to find me. I am grateful to have the ability to connect to the Universe in so many ways, and I see my divine purpose as incorporating both energy healing and communication as a means of helping bringing in peace and happiness to our world.

In Light and Love,

Brenda Seldin


The Travelers

The picture above depicts one of The Healing Energies that I have named Cathexis because it is a concentrated powerhouse of energy healing.
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