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What are The Healing Energies?

The Healing Energies are advanced healing technologies that were created and brought to Earth by inter-dimensional beings calling The Travelers.

They came to Earth by way of a portal that opened up during October’s Full Moon in 2017 (see photograph). A multitude of orb-like objects seemed to shoot out from the moon itself. After this event, the number of energy phenomena that appeared in my nightly photographs and videos of my property increased dramatically. They came in the shapes of orbs, cylinders, and shafts of white or multi-colored lights.

After asking The Travelers about these energy lights, I was told that they are healing tools for the healing of people, places, and things. These tools are able to effect change on the mental/emotional/physical levels, and they also have the ability to work on the cellular level as well. For these energies to work on someone that person must give his or her consent. They assured me that these energy tools could not be used to cause harm or be used as weapons. These technologies, according to The Travelers, also have the capacity to transmit their healing energies onto an area the size of the state of Delaware.

How do the long distance group healings work?

Each month you have the opportunity to take part in a long distance group healing sessions.

My role in the healings is to be a facilitator - opening the healing session, holding the space for it, and then closing it at the end. During the healing process I am in a state of deep but conscious relaxation, in an almost light sleep. I am told to relax and allow the energies to flow.

I open the healing session at the given time (see website link for Calendar page) to see the days and starting times for each session. The healing sessions generally last from 15 to 25 minutes. The Travelers decide the duration of each session and the specific healing energies that will be sent through to the group. At the beginning of each healing I settle down and make them aware that I am ready. I hear them say in my head, “The healing has begun.” Some time later, I hear in my head, “The healing has ended.”

How do I join the free monthly or private Traveler healings on-line or by phone?

You are invited to participate in the weekly healings via scheduled Zoom meetings. You will receive the link upon signing up 

How should I prepare to receive The Healing Energies?

Some people like to meditate at the time that The Healing Energies are being sent through, while others like to be conscious of the starting time so they can note any sensations or energies that are felt during the healings, and then there are those who go about their day content in the knowledge that they have received the energies.

However you decide to experience The Healing Energies, you should try to do the following two things:

1. Take time to invite in the healings before every healing or at the beginning of the week of healings. It is important not to take them for granted. When you work with you are going into a partnership in which you have your responsibilities. One of those responsibilities requires you to consciously invite in the healing. This lets them know that you want to continue your healing journey with them. They are not doing things to you or for you, but are doing them with you.

2. Set Dynamic Energy Intentions. People normally use intentions for the end result and not as the means to get there. Dynamic Energy Intentions are the underlying energies that you are missing or you need more of in order to replace those energies that are self-limiting and are holding you back from accomplishing your goals.

How do I work with Dynamic Energy Intentions?

Using the example of creating your dream career, some of your goals along the way may include: having the confidence to go for it, having the fortitude to stay with it, or releasing those fear energies that make you feel like you will fail before you’ve even started.

The Dynamic Energy Intentions are like energy medicine for the Wisdom Heart. The following is a list of remedies for each condition. This is a suggested list. In the end, it is what you feel is right for your healing, and if some other energy dynamic shows itself to you, always go with what you have been shown first because that is Wisdom from Spirit.

Once you have the Dynamic Energy Intention or Intentions, and I suggest no more than 3 at a time, work with them on a weekly basis either at the start of the week, where you hold your intentions and let The Travelers know that you would like them to help you bring in these energies, or on a daily basis on the days of healings.

Challenge                  Heart Wisdom Helpers

Fear                            Courage, Self-confidence, Calm,               

                                  Release, Grounding, Joy, Compassion

Anger                         Calm, Joy, Clarity, Compassion,

                                  Peace, Release, Forgiveness

Feeling Stuck              Flow, Ease, Release, Self-confidence,

                                 Courage, Adaptability, Compassion

Poverty Mentality        Flow, Ease, Abundance, Release,

                                 Compassion, Joy, Forgiveness

This list is a sample of what energy dynamics you can use for different energetic conditions you would like The Travelers to help you shift and heal.

What will be my experience when I work with The Healing Energies?

The Healing Energies are very high frequency energies and may sometimes feel intense. Each individual’s experience will be unique to them, but the following list are some things that I have frequently heard from those receiving the energies and from my own experiences:

Sleepiness – sleep is one way the body heals and becomes accustomed, as physical beings, to these higher energies. People have spoken of feeling sleepy, needing to go to sleep, and experiencing deep sleep that leaves them well rested afterwards.

Intense Energy Moving Upwards/Nausea/Tingliness/Heat/Moving Sensations Moving In Different Parts Of Or Throughout the Body – these are signs that the energies are being moved in your body. They are also signs that energetic blocks are being removed and stagnant energies are being helped to flow again.

Well-being/Relaxation/Energized – many people report very positive mental/emotional states after each healing.

Dreams – people report having dreams that revisit old issues. The dream state is another way that The Healing Energies remove blacked/stagnant mental/emotional energies. The dream is a portal through which the imbalanced energies can flow outwards.


How do the group healings differ from the one-on-one healing sessions?


I do two types of group healings: a general one, for anyone who would like to receive The Healing Energies and signs up for the four weekly healings through the website, and I also do private group healings.


Everyone is on their healing journey, and regardless of whether you do the group healing or the one-on-one healing, you will move forward on your path.


Let me be clear, you will receive everything you need from the long distance group healings, but people may be called to the one-on-one healing sessions because they are undergoing periods of stress in their lives, they enjoy the one-on-one concentration of energy and feel that they benefit from the intuitive insights I can offer them after every healing, or they simply believe that they are their best option.


How can an Akashic Reading support my healing journey?


The Healing Energies can release blocked energies, remove energies that do not serve one’s highest purpose, and infuse one with those energies that heal and support.


An Akashic Reading can bring to light the underlying causes for a current or on-going difficulty in any area of your life that is causing the energy stagnations and blockages within you.

Problems may stem from a past life, passed down through one’s ancestral line, or self-created within the current lifetime. By bringing awareness to the underlying cause of the particular issue conscious awareness and understanding is created, and when The Healing Energies are added to the mix, old patterns and issues can be dissolved and new pathways of living are created leading to new and different positive future outcomes.

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