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My Story

My relationship with the inter-dimensional Beings, known as The Travelers, began five years ago. They communicated with me for the first time on the night of the Winter Solstice in 2013. I heard a voice in my head announce that a group of travelers from another dimension had come to help Humanity.

Since first contact, I have experienced many yearly UFO sightings in and around my home along with energy phenomena that began to appear on photographs and videos taken by me on my property. I was told by The Travelers that this energy phenomena was, in fact, advanced healing technologies for me to work with. I came to know them as The Healing Energies.

Before The Healing Energies  were sent to me, I was asked by The Travelers to channel and share their messages. For a time I did so, but then went through a period of feeling unsure and uncomfortable doing this. I informed them that I would be taking a break from them as I tried to figure things out.  Less than six months later, on the weekend of a full moon, I was overcome with an infusion of energy. I couldn't sit still and felt as though I had drank 20 cups of coffee. I found myself feeling that the only way to release this excess energy was through  drawing. By the end of the weekend I had gone through an entire drawing note pad. Years later, looking at the drawings again, I can see that they match in concept and energy dynamics much of what I now know of The Travelers, their vehicles, and their technologies.

My drawing period lasted 3 months. It was then that I started to have encounters with their UFOs. My time spent drawing was an energetic nudge from them as a way to get me to continue working with them. It was also a way for them to communicate information about themselves and help me become more comfortable with them.

After the third UFO encounter, and it was a close one, I relented and agreed to continue my role as a representative for them on Earth. There was a sense that, this was in some way, a part of my life path, and my agreement to take it was coming from many lifetimes ago.

I began once again  channeling written messages for them, then in March of 2017 on the day of the Spring Equinox, energy phenomena began to appear in my photographs and videos. Since then I have accumulated hundreds of pictures and many hours of videos documenting the many different forms of The Healing Energies, the energy vehicles that act as containers for The Travelers's consciousness in order to enter our dimensional field, and their ships that appear in the sky over my house.


Little by little, through the channelings, the healings and my personal interactions with them, I am understanding more and more in regards to who The Travelers are and what The Healing Energies can do.  In The Travelers Blog I will be sharing the channelings, pictures and videos, and my personal experiences with them.

In this picture I am standing in my side yard, where at times, the energy field created by The Travelers is very strong. Proof of this is the static effect on my hair. The hair on the left side of my head is sticking straight out with a corkscrew effect to it. 

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