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Animal Communication

Animal Communication is the ideal way to work with any situation that may arise with your pet.  No need to be to be in the dark wondering what they are thinking, how they are feeling, or why they are behaving in a certain way.  As an Animal Communicator I can ask them directly for you and get you the answers that you need.

I have been helping people with their pets since 2004. In that time I have worked with all types of pets from the more common: cats, dogs, horses, and parrots to the more unusual: iguanas, fish, pigs, and llamas.

As An Animal Communicator I Can Help You:

  • understand the root cause of your pet's behavioral problem and create a plan of action to resolve it. Situations that I have helped resolve include: conflict between pets, separation anxiety, inappropriate peeing, destructive behavior, etc.

  • connect to a beloved pet that has passed on.

  • learn from your pet how to help them when they are ill or injured.

  • receive guidance to help you make the best decision for your dying pet.

  • connect to a missing pet to lead them back home and give you geographical information about their whereabouts.

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