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Akashic Readings

The energy field that is known as the Akasha holds the accumulated experiential knowledge of all the past lives of every Soul. The Akashic Records has been likened to a Hall of Records. We are permitted access for the purpose of gaining understanding and insight into the circumstances of our current life by being able to view the details of our Soul’s journey from its inception through its many lifetimes into the present lifetime. 

~~The Masters of the Akashic Records~~

What Is An Akashic Reading?

The Akashic Records is an interdimensional Library existing in the form of vibrational energy and containing the records of every Being in the Universe, including information about our past lives and all future possibilities. Your Akashic Record is unique because you are unique. You have come into this Life having made certain decisions beforehand, about the romantic and familial relationships you will be in, and the positive and negative experiences you have chosen for the purpose of helping yourself to learn and evolve in order to reach your Highest Spiritual Potential.


By opening your Akashic Record and consulting with your Akashic Guides, I can help you see the bigger picture of your Life where you may feel stuck or may keep making the same mistakes, or perhaps are unsure of your Spiritual Path.


Some questions you may want your Akashic Guides to speak on:


  • What are the gifts that I came into this Life with? How should they be used?

  • What are some of the challenges or blocks in my Life?Are they there for my personal growth or are they signs that I am not on the right path?

  • What is my Highest Spiritual Potential?

  • What may be some Past Life issues that may be affecting my current Life?What healing should I do to rectify that?

  • Why is my romantic relationship going so well or why is it going so badly? Do I have a Soul Mate connection?If not, then what insights do I need from my Akashic Guides to achieve a Soul Mate connection in the future?

  • What else do I need to know to deepen my understanding of my Life’s Path?

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